Food Donation

Wheelchair Donation

COVID-19 Food Parcels Donation

In this uncertain time the Northcliff Rotary Club are requesting donations. We would like to ask you to donate any value to a food-related cause.

The donations will be paid to organisations that are recognised by the Rotary club for the distribution of food parcels.

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The wheelchair project is one of the most successful and long-running initiatives. It began in 1993 and is still going strong today. The original idea took hold after members realized that there was an urgent need for wheelchairs in the Johannesburg area.

The call for wheelchairs was sent out and Rushmoor Rotary in the United Kingdom took up the cause. Wheelchairs were collected from agencies such as the Red Cross and national health hospitals who had been storing old wheelchairs in depots across southern England. The first consignment of 56 wheelchairs arrived, courtesy of Swiss Air. Thereafter, wheelchairs were dispatched by sea.

When they arrive Northcliff Rotary collects the wheelchairs and distributes them countrywide through affiliated Rotary clubs in other districts. More than 22 000 wheelchairs have been provided to worthy recipients across South Africa, totally free of charge.

For more than ten years Federated Employers Mutual has been the only funder of this project. However, Sesego Cares recently joined the partnership. This achievement has given thousands of people the opportunity to become mobile, often for the first time in their lives.

You can read more about it here.

Rotary Southern Africa Districts Tutudesk Campaign

To enhance the education of disadvantaged children without access to school desks.

Portable and lightweight, for use anywhere, a Tutudesk is a low cost, low tech solution to improving early childhood literacy and numeracy.


A $10 cup of coffee and a croissant can change a child forever!

The campaign is a collaboration between the four Southern Africa Districts and the Tutudesk Foundation.

The campaign aims to deliver 10 000 Tutudesks into Southern African schools where learners are disadvantaged by not having access to traditional school desks. These disadvantaged children are either taught under trees or, if in a classroom, it is so poorly equipped that they sit on the floor. Either way, not having a firm surface to write on is a challenge and that is where the Tutudesk comes in.

The cost per desk is USD 10. The Tutudesk Foundation will be responsible for manufacturing the desks to its proven standards and quality. The desks can be personalised subject a minimum quantity of 1000.

Any donation will be gratefully accepted