We are, once again, extending our grateful thanks to Rotary Club of Northcliff for their ongoing support of Allemansdrift B.
On Friday the 30th of October Thomas and myself drove down from Mpumalanga to collect an Electric Wheelchair for the patient that was critically injured in a motor vehicle accident, a buggy type chair for our teenage cerebral palsy patient – Kabello and Mobility Aids for our elderly residents. Not only did we get a buggy type chair allocated but were also given an ‘ outdoors ‘ chair for Kabello which allows his mom the freedom of taking Kabello to meet youngsters of his own age. Prior to this donation Kabello was very much isolated when not at school because of his size in comparison to his mothers who at that point was physically carrying Kabello from one area to the next. These gestures are not only generous but life altering for the families concerned. Grateful thanks also to the two respective group members who assisted by providing the funds needed for transportation of the aforementioned goods. Without your help this would not have been possible ????
Kelly Szabo